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Welcome to the Open University of Nepal Library

A FREE of cost companion to your journey to learning brought to you by the
Open University of Nepal Initiative (OUNI)!

  • OUNL is dedicated to bringing FREE learning resources to you.  It does not matter whether you take courses from Open University of Nepal, any other institution, or simply want to learn on your own for the matter of curiosity or specific need, OUNL provides you with FREE learning resources and services.
  • OUNL is also a portal to Open Educational Resources contributed by institutions around the world using MERLOT, a service platform brought by an international consortium of educational institutions and designed, hosted and maintained by the California State University.
  • OUNL is being developed further due to collaborative partnership of various organizations engaged in Open University of Nepal Initiative (learn more on About Us).
  • OUNL is a free and open online collection of more than 45,000 peer reviewed online resources, which is being expanded continuously through generous contribution of individuals and institutions around the world. You could be one of those contributors.
  • OUNL allows you to connect with 125,000 member strong global community of learners and teachers. You can join to it free of cost.

How can you use OUNL?

  • To LEARN the prerequisite concepts and skills for the courses you are taking.
  • To FIND supplemental materials to help you expand your knowledge and skills for the classes you are taking.
  • To EXPLORE subjects you might be interested in studying in the future.
  • To PERSONALIZE and ORGANIZE your online learning materials into a collection with notes on how and why you find them useful, so you can keep track of your learning.
  • To SHARE your personal collection, explore others' personal collections, and contribute to the online learning revolution.
  • ANYWAY YOU WANT! OUNL is here to support you and your education goals.

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